I haven’t been able to find the right emotions lately. Looks like I’ll be transferring to #UCLA in the fall, department of art and architecture. I was excited for cal poly Pomona, but now I’ve hit an overwhelming peak of happiness. I feel like Leo on the tip of Titanic on the way to New York lol hopefully this ship won’t sink. #UCLAbound (ps. This is a piece of artwork I made for a course last semester) #effinghappy #eefffff!!!!!!

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I got my #recordstoreday 3D glasses on. Life is much more real in 3D. 😎

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Best dollar I’ve spent lol #Elvispresley #vinyl #RSD2014 #recordstoreday2014

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UCLA bound. (Maybe)

So, today I was accepted into UCLA school of art and architecture. I feel so overwhelmed, I applied without any real hopes of remotely being accepted. Well, I’ve been accepted and I’m still in a daze and as I type this I’m at a loss for words.

Architecture is my intended major so I applied to other accredited programs as well. Needless to say, one other school has accepted me and I’m torn. Mainly because of tuition costs. BUT ITS UCLAAAYYY! AAHHH!

One will cost me virtually nothing, the other a pretty penny.

Decisions decisions. I don’t know what to do!

Things currently running through my brain:

At UCLA: two year undergrad program (art and architecture) then, hopefully get in to the supra studio (architecture school at UCLA) for graduate school which is an additional three years.

At Pomona: get in as a second year student (architecture school) study for four years for my undergrad. Then, seek and apply for other graduate programs (architecture schools) that will take at least three additional years.

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Disney date!! #disneyland (at Mickey & Friends Tram)

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… And now I smell like pee. @franklentank #dogs #puppies

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We are having too much fun with this thing. Super excited!! Anyone remember #thesubways ? #vinyl #crosley time for another fun filled day of listening to #records

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Like I said, we #splurged and #recordstoreday day came early this year lol #vinyl #crosley #deadmansbones #takingbacksunday #savestheday #thestrokes #thewhitestripes

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I’m proud to say that @kittyyvette and I are proud owners of a #crosley record player. AND! Owners of the #deadmansbones #vinyl ( #recordstoreday came early for us) #splurge lolz 👍😃👍#hashtag #jimmyfallondiditbetter #imahappycamper #ryangosling

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TRAINS!!! Why must they stop when we are headed somewhere!!! 😡:😅 #trains

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Went to the show tonight at Chain Reaction, purchased the vinyl I’ve wanted forever. STOKED! #chainreaction #iamtheavalanche #vinyl #recordstoreday is coming. (at Chain Reaction)

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Hahahahahahahahaha mad tea party gone MAD! #disneyland #teacups #kitty

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I guess it’s national siblings day. Brother and I back in 95 or something. Love you manny!!! Por vida Homes! (If only he had an Instagram) #nationalsiblingsday #tbt #1995

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Never Bike In The Dark Again With These Fender-Mounted Lights

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Frank Lloyd Wright, who passed away 55 years ago today, lived until 91. Read more

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